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IoT & Sensor Data

InfluxData is for IoT deployments requiring support for thousands of sensors. Collect, store, visualize and alert on time-series data emitted from ARM, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more.

Custom Monitoring

InfluxData is the alerting, visualization and backend of choice for building custom monitoring solutions for servers, sensors, storage appliances, network infrastructure, apps, logs and more.

Real-Time Analytics

InfluxData enables you to deliver real-time analytics about users, sensor states, business metrics, plus the utilization of apps, infrastructure and networks with tools that are integrated from end-to-end.

OpenStack, Docker & Virtualization

Service Providers, SIs, and Enterprises looking for a time-series data management stack to monitor their virtualization, container, OpenStack and other IaaS deployments rely on InfluxData.

The InfluxData Platform

Based on the TICK stack, InfluxData is an end-to-end platform
for managing time-series data at scale.

The TICK Stack


InfluxDB's native, open source collection agent for writing metrics. Support for 60+ data inputs and outputs via a plugin architecture.

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An open source time-series database designed for high-performance writes and compact disk storage. Supports open source high-availability architectures and native clustering is available through an Influx Enterprise subscription.

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A UI for securely visualizing InfluxDB data with collaborative features, intelligent graphing templates and dashboards built-in.

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An open source data processing framework for InfluxDB that makes it easy to create alerts, run ETL jobs and detect anomalies.

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Why choose InfluxData for time-series?

Ease of Use

Simple, without external dependencies, yet flexible enough for complex deployments. Get started with collecting, storing, visualizing and alerting on time-series data in minutes - not days or weeks.


With the new TSM1 storage engine, InfluxDB has been benchmarked to support tens of thousands of writes per second to meet the demands of the largest monitoring and IoT deployments out there.

Open Source

InfluxDB is open and extensible design, helping make it the most popular time-series database on GitHub. Each of the components of the TICK stack are open source and/or available for free.


The TICK stack is designed to work together seamlessly. Leverage our native and community integrations or build your own to connect your favorite graphing, alerting or collecting software.

Highly Available

InfluxDB supports a variety of open source high-availability architectures and native clustering with a built-in management UI is available through an Influx Enterprise subscription.

Compute in Real-Time

Writing large amounts of data? Query a downsampled variant immediately or repeatedly in the future. Continuous queries precompute these expensive queries into another time series in real-time.

Retention Polices

Save time and space by aggregating and downsampling high precision data using InfluxDB’s retention policies feature. Age out old data automatically as it becomes less relevant.

Purpose Built

InfluxData is for custom monitoring, real-time analytics and sensor data. Other databases require complex workarounds or compromises in scale, speed or developer productivity to support time-series data.

Choice of Deployment

Run the InfluxData platform on-premise, in the cloud or hosted by the experts at InfluxData. Supported by Docker, Puppet, Chef, Kubernetes and more.